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Sound Values on Instruments & Gear. Over 10,000 Instrument THE GUZHENG SHOP is an online retailer that specializes in the Chinese Zither Guzheng and related products. The Guzheng (pronounced goo-jung) - also known as the Zheng, Chinese zither, or Chinese harp - is a traditional Chinese stringed instrument that has over 2500 years of history The Guzheng Shop offers high quality guzheng instruments for sell. Ship from Orange County, CA. Fast Worldwide Shipping. 出售各大品牌精品古筝,全美免邮费 $ 4,880.00 Add to cart Zhuque (Scarlet Bird) Collection Grade Guzheng Model 980 朱雀牌980型收藏級古筝 $ 3,950.00 Add to cart The Antique Beauty Black Sandalwood Xiansheng Brand Collection Grade Guzheng 弦昇牌黑檀木檀艺挖

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An Brief Introduction On the Guzheng - by Bei Bei (Owner at The Guzheng Shop) History of the Guzheng The original name for Guzheng 古筝 (pronounced goo-jung) is Zheng 筝 (pronounced jung). It is a multi-stringed instrument with movable bridges under each string The Guzheng Shop, Hacienda Heights, CA. 378 likes · 14 talking about this · 1 was here. THE GUZHENG SHOP is an online retailer. We also offer resources on learning the instrument guzheng. We ship.. Manufactured by the Dunhuang Musical Instrument Factory in Shanghai, China. This model is their best quality product, and it is also the best Guzheng strings you can find in the market at this moment. The steel wires used inside are imported from Germany. They produce a very clean and clear tone

The Guzheng Shop. 新銳荷古箏樂房 . Menu Home; About Guzheng Guzheng Sessions Vol. 1 《習箏時分》第一册 $ 22.00 Add to cart; 成人古箏演奏速成 (中文古箏自學教材) $ 19.50 Add to cart; Bei Bei's Easiest Guzheng Course (book 1) $ 19.00 Add to cart; 古箏演奏兒歌曲集(樂譜) $ 14.50 Add to cart; Essential Daily Guzheng Finger Training Exercises. THE GUZHENG SHOP is an online retailer that specializes in the Chinese Zither Guzheng and related products. Founded by well-known Guzheng artist Bei Bei in 2010. Besides selling products, we also offer professional Guzheng musicians as well as student performers for various events / productions. We ship from our warehouse in Orange county California to customers in the United States and other. About Guzheng; Shop. Guzheng; Travel Size Guzheng; Book; Accessories; Tutorials; Musicians; FAQs; Contact Us-12. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Comment. Name * Email * Website. Post navigation. Previous Post Previous 99 Guzheng Pop Song Classics Vol.2 古箏流行金曲99首 (2) Product Search . Search for: Search. Product.

Previous Post Previous 99 Guzheng Older Song Classics (Folk, Pop, Movie and TV) 古箏懷舊金曲99 Guzheng performed by Bei Bei 古箏演奏:荷蓓蓓 Guzheng used in this video is a Xing Hai (Star Seas) brand guzheng offered at our shop. Email TheGuzhengShop@gmail.com.. Sound sample, more details at https://www.theguzhengshop.com/product/shangpin-53-inches-advanced-level-travel-size-guzheng-%E5%B0%9A%E5%93%81%E7%89%8C135cm%E.. ©2020 The Guzheng Shop. All Rights Reserved. Cart. Privacy Policy Proudly powered by WordPres

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#130cm旅行小古箏 #51travel-size-guzhengGuzheng arranged /performed by Bei Bei 古箏改編演奏:荷蓓蓓 Guzheng used in this video is a 130cm (51) long travel size professiona.. The Guzheng Shop, Hacienda Heights, CA. 387 likes · 1 was here. THE GUZHENG SHOP is an online retailer. We also offer resources on learning the instrument guzheng. We ship from our warehouse in Los.. See more of The Guzheng Shop on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of The Guzheng Shop on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Related Pages. Chang Jing 常静 Chinese Music. Musician/Band. Lute Legends Ensemble. Musician/Band. Alice Guzheng. Musician/Band. Vivid China Ensemble 華彩中樂團 . Musician/Band. New York Guqin Association. Nonprofit. Music improvised by Bei Bei 古箏即興演奏:荷蓓蓓 Guzheng used in this video is a Scarlet Bird brand model Mountain concert grade guzheng. Offered at our shop. email.

The Guzheng Shop, Hacienda Heights, CA. 363 likes · 5 talking about this · 1 was here. THE GUZHENG SHOP is an online retailer. We also offer resources on learning the instrument guzheng. We ship from.. Guzheng concert by Bei Bei He at the Tustin Library. Free admission The Guzheng Shop. November 1, 2020 ·. New Scarlet Bird 朱雀 Guzheng models just revealed at the past Shanghai International Musical Instruments Expo. There are two steel-stringed Guzheng (18 strings and 21 strings) 十八弦和二十一弦钢丝筝 among them. We are taking orders and pre-orders. Please email or message us to inquiry. +4

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  1. All Guzheng instruments will be shipped via UPS or FEDEX, delivery time 5 business days for US buyers, 7-10 days for International buyers. Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance with ordering. The orders will be fulfilled by The Guzheng Shop
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  3. Willkommen auf guzhengmusik.de! Die Zheng (Chinesisch: 箏 oder auch Guzheng (chin. 古箏, gu bedeutet alt) ist ein traditionelles chinesisches Saiteninstrument und gehört zur Familie der Zithern.Die Guzheng besteht aus einem hölzernen Klangkörper mit gewölbter Decke, über den die Saiten über bewegliche Stege gespannt sind

Guzheng Chinese Zither Musical Instruments Shop convenient online for a high quality guzheng instrument or related accessories. home; about us; policy; send email; site map; view cart; SoundofAsia.com. Search. Home > Guzheng. guzheng . We are dedicated in promoting Guzheng and spreading Chinese music. We want to share our love of guzheng with all of you. Our goal is to provide the best quality. Guzheng. The guzheng or gu zheng (Chinese: 古箏; pinyin: gǔzhēng, pronounced [kùt͡ʂə́ŋ]), also simply called zheng (箏, gu 古 means ancient), is a Chinese plucked zither. It has 18 or more strings and movable bridges, and the modern guzheng usually has 21 strings and bridges. The picks (called DaiMao) used by performers to play.

Red Music Shop, offering high quality Chinese Musical Instruments,Erhu,Banhu,Zhonghu,Jinghu,Guzheng,Pipa,Yueqin,Yangqin,Guqin,Ruan,Dizi,Xiao,Suona and more, retail. Shop For. More categories › Erhu(二胡) Guzheng(古箏) Guqin(古琴) Pipa(琵琶) Yangqin(揚琴) Dizi & Xiao(笛簫) Erhu(二胡) More erhu(二胡) › Sold Out. PROFESSIONAL ROSEWOOD ERHU. $280 00. PROFESSIONAL REDWOOD ERHU. $400 00. Sold Out. PROFESSIONAL REDWOOD ERHU 'FALLING FLOWERS COLORING THE GREEN' $500 00. PROFESSIONAL EBONY ERHU 'BEAUTIFUL STRING FLYING' $750 00. The Guzheng delivery usually takes 6 weeks because it is posted from the country of origin. Standard Guzheng . Shop Now. Small Guzheng. Shop Now. Guzheng Accessories . Shop Now. HOME ABOUT US CLASS GUZHENG RENTAL STORE EVENTS CONTACT US MEMBERSHIP Stay in the Loop . Sign Up This form is protected by.

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Best online store selling all kinds of traditional Chinese music instruments like Erhu, Gaohu, Zhonghu, Pipa, Guzheng, Zhongruan, Yangqin, Dizi, Hulusi, Bawu, Sheng, Drums, Gongs, Cymbals etc. All our instruments are tested and setup before shipping. We do repairs, music performance and offer music lessons as well Online-Einkauf von Guzheng - Streich- & Zupfinstrumente mit großartigem Angebot im Musikinstrumente & DJ-Equipment Shop. Wählen Sie Ihre Cookie-Einstellungen. Wir verwenden Cookies und ähnliche Tools, um Ihr Einkaufserlebnis zu verbessern, um unsere Dienste anzubieten, um zu verstehen, wie die Kunden unsere Dienste nutzen, damit wir Verbesserungen vornehmen können, und um Werbung.

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GUZHENG; YANGQIN; GUQIN; HULUSI; PIPA; KALIMBA; SUONARE; FLUTE; SHENG; DRUM & PERCUSSION; ZUBEHÖR / TOOLS; Einloggen; Anmelden; Der Shop ist noch geschlossen / CLOSE. Der Shop befindet sich noch im Aufbau bis zum 1.9.2021 . The Shop is under construction until 1st of October 2021. Bestellungen können daher erst ab dem 1.9.2021 bearbeitet werden. Your Order can be placed starting at 1.9.2021. Guzheng practice was quite selective, as one needed to pay particular attention to aesthetics such as the weather, location, audience, and way of dress. The Guzheng was also only played while seated. In modern society, practicing Guzheng can provide a sense of ritual, and is truly a lifestyle choice. Performers carefully select traditional Chinese clothing (Han Fu) and a hair style with. POPULAR CHINESE INSTRUMENTS. Fan Shi Grade 1 Fu Xi Style Guqin. US$ 2,964.80. Dunhuang 694KK Guzheng (Rainfall at Dusk) US$ 1,596.50. Zhang Lian Jun 2nd Grade Aged Rosewood Erhu. US$ 1,216.40. Bao Ying Ying Model 400 Jointed Dizi (Bang Di) US$ 197.70

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Our products include guzheng, guqin, erhu, pipa, morin khuur, liuqin, zhongruan, yangqin, dizi flute, xiao flute, sheng, xun, ocarina, hulusi, bawu, etc. We set up our Chinese instrument business in 2009 and since then we've built solid relationships with several music shops, many Chinese music teachers and some musical instrument dealers. We have been very careful from the stage of selecting. We are Musicians too! Based in Shanghai and USA, we are a group of musical instrument luthiers, makers and musicians, devoted to perfecting art of Oriental music. With every instrument backed fully by our years of expertise and experience, we assure all musicians of an unmatched quality and service unique to us at The Bamboo Grove

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Jiang Pengyi. von Zheng, Gu und eine große Auswahl ähnlicher Bücher, Kunst und Sammlerstücke erhältlich auf AbeBooks.de I started learning the Guzheng under Yayi in February 2019. Yayi is very paitient during lessons, teaching me step by step. I learnt the basics well. She is also very attentive towards small details, to make sure I do not make any mistakes with my techniques when learning. Eason Music is a great school to learn in. Some days I will end classes early in school, and arrive early at Eason.

Buying Guzheng Online. So, you've finally decided to buy a Guzheng for yourself. It will be quite straightforward if you are located in Singapore, where you can visit our store, take a look, try our Guzhengs and have a talk with our Guzheng consultants to find out what is best for you Shop Guzheng on Amazon. 3. Dizi (Chinese bamboo flute) 笛子. The Dizi (or Bamboo Flute) is a Chinese style flute. Dizi is made of bamboo, the body has six finger-holes, one blow-hole, and an extra hole between them covered by a thin membrane of reed. Dizi is a classical Chinese musical instrument widely used many genres of Chinese music. It. Chinese Traditional Guzheng Music performed by Liu. Guzheng Lovers. 312 likes · 1 talking about this. The right place for share everything about Guzheng Guzheng is a Chinese plucked zither that has a history dated back to 500 B.C. It is rich in playing techniques. The performer plucks the strings with his right-hand fingernails, while his left-hand fingers apply pressure to the strings to execute vibratos, slides, other embellishments and occasional plucking techniques

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  1. Guzheng players will need artificial long nails so they can play the strings. The nails are usually a brown-white marble color. For beginners, you'll usually need 4 of them, including the special one for the thumb. You can get these at a Chinese instrument shop. Get the tape. The tape comes in many colours and is used to stick the nails to the fingers. You'll need about of tape for each nail.
  2. Buy YuLin Brand Zheng Gu Shui 100ml Relieves Muscular Aches Pains,Back Pain 玉林正骨水 on Amazon.com FREE SHIPPING on qualified order
  3. The Guzheng Shop. Education. Tolls USA. Software. Syed Dental - Santa Clara. Dentist & Dental Office. Society of Composers - University of Iowa Chapter. Musician/Band. BC Chinese Music Association (BCCMA) Youth Organization. Daphne Ziyi Zhang's Artworks. Arts & Humanities Website. See More triangle-down; Pages Public Figure Musician/Band Xiaomei Zhu, Guzheng performer. English (US) · Español.
  4. The guzheng is a long, boxed zither, that is one of the most popular Chinese instruments amongst the uninitiated. It is not to be confused with the seven stringed guqin - the zheng is a reformed instrument with a long history, and is commonly used today as a solo instrument. Capable of producing beautiful glissandos amongst other things, this is an instrument that makes for easy listening.

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In the whole shop, apart from the piano, the guzheng is the most expensive. As long as they buy a guzheng at random, they will have a commission of at least more than 300 yuan. It's strange that the waitress is not enthusiastic. Can you tell us about the origin of the Guzheng? Liu Qingqing asked. Okay, the Guzheng is an ancient national musical instrument that accompanies our country's long. Home >> Shop. Filter View: 12; 24; All; Quick View. Add to Wishlist. Add to Wishlist. Quick View. Magpie on Plum Flower $ 420.00; Brand: Zhonghao Type: Entrance Level Guzheng Product Number: S21-163 Craft: Wheatgrass Material: Mahogany Production Duration: 160 days Length: 163CM. Buy Erhu Musical Instruments from the World's Largest Chinese Instruments Store. Beginner to Premium Grade Chinese Fiddle Erhu On Sale. Professional Erhu with Full Set of Free Accessories. Standard Erhu and Bass Erhu Both Available. CITES Certificate Included. Free Worldwide Shipping, Shockproof Packaging. Shop Now

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Lotus Bud Guzheng Academy, Irvine, California. 135 likes · 8 were here. Offer Gu Zheng (Chinese Zither) individual and group classes. Classroom and showroom in Hacienda Heights, Additional location.. All guzheng made by Dunhuang has undergone quality control before sending out to distributors. Xu Zhen Gao, the Father of Modern Guzheng, despite his age, still guides the entire crew with his 60 years of experience. Having invented the S-curve for the guzheng, he went on to develop sound post positions, Stringing bass blocks and such Guzheng Nail Jewelry Nail Cover Banjo or Ukulele Tape Cotton Guzheng Guitar Lute Finger Nail Tape Portable Kite String Instrument Parts Accessories Nail Tape Roll 4pcs (Guzheng nail) 4.6 out of 5 stars 30. $9.99 $ 9. 99. Get it as soon as Tue, Aug 31. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Only 20 left in stock - order soon. OrientalMusicSanctuary Zen-Style Tatami-Seating Guzheng.

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  1. Buy Guqin Musical Instruments from the World's Largest Chinese Instruments Store. Beginner to Premium Grade Chinese Zither Harp Guqin On Sale. Professional Guqin with Full Set of Free Accessories. Fu Xi Style Guqin, Zhong Ni Style Guqin and Hun Dun Style Guqin All Available. Free Worldwide Shipping. Shop Now
  2. This Guzheng tutor is one of the best virtual guzheng for mobile & tablet. The app offers tons of songs with easy lessons, and we add new tabs every week! Don't waste more time, start playing now! Features: - Full string guzheng with 21 string. - Play with 650,000+ song from music songbooks. - Daily Challenge mode
  3. Offer Guzheng finger picks, strings, stands, travel bags, covers and more! Ship worldwide. Skip to content. The Guzheng Shop. Menu. Home; Guzhengs. Accessories; Books; Classes; Musicians; Accessories. Please visit The Guzheng Shop store for our selection of accessories. Finger Picks / Adhesive Tape Strings Guzheng Stands / Travel Bags / Velvet Covers Books CDs. Proudly powered by WordPress.
  4. This is an ONLINE SHOP for traditional music instruments made by luthiers. Don't miss as well our OUTLET seccion for products with special price offer. You will find articles from expositions or which are out of catalogue. SEE ALL OUTLET ARTICLES. Special Dulzaina model in collaboration with Paco Blasco. BEST BARGAINS!!! Visit our OUTLET seccion! Chinese zither: The Guzheng. See more new.
  5. Shop | 鄒倫倫博士古箏學院. Products designed by Dr. Lunlun Zou. Rosewood Carved Lettering Guzheng HKD $16000. Rosewood Carved Lettering Guzheng HKD $16000. Rosewood Carved Lettering Guzheng HKD $16000. Rosewood Carving Guzheng HKD $18000. Rosewood Mother of Pearl Carving Guzheng HKD $18000. Rosewood Mother of Pearl Carving Guzheng HKD.

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  1. Dunhuang Yun Guzheng 889E, Design 'Poesie' Schrift-Dekoration mit Knochenpulver, Honduras Palisander. Zuordnung: Diese durchsucht den gesamten Shop in Echtzeit nach ähnlich klingenden Namen oder verwandten Bezeichnungen und Eigenschaften. Aktuelles: Zur Zeit gibt es keine Neuigkeiten. Bezahlen & Sicherheit . Sicher bezahlen mit folgenden Zahlarten: Kreditkarte, Paypal.
  2. Products 【双鹤Guzheng 】#龙吟凤鸣 Dragon and Phoenix (Chinese Zither 1.63-meter) $ 1,499.00 【古筝指甲】#高级款 平面弧度型 Best Quality Guzheng Pick/Nails Flat Surface $ 50.00 【每周五7:00-8:00PM】零基础入门古筝体验课(线上网课) $ 125.00 【每周四10:00-11:00 AM】零基础入门古筝体验课(线上网课) $ 160.00 $ 79.6
  3. Qualität Stärke Verkaufserfahrung Verkaufspreis und Aufschlag Verkaufspreis und Aufschlag (+50%) Normal 1,380 212,000 432,000 540,000 540,00
  4. Shop; 繁體中文 ; English; Cart / She have the first contact of guzheng with her mother, and then with some of the most prestigious guzheng teachers and musicians in Taiwan. Kuan Yin now plays a different guzheng to the ones commonly known, which was left to her by her mother and has 16 metal strings. In 2012, she graduated in Broadcasting Division of Radio at one of the best.
  5. The guqin is not to be confused with the guzheng, another Chinese long zither also without frets, but with moveable bridges under each string. Traditionally, the instrument was simply referred to as qin (Wade-Giles ch'in) but by the twentieth century the term had come to be applied to many other musical instruments as well: the yangqin hammered dulcimer, the huqin family of bowed string.
  6. Dunhuang Yun Guzheng 694B mit Malerei Motiv 'Still Life', Bubinga. Zuordnung: Anfänger & Fortgeschrittene. Material & Haptik: Das Malerei-Motiv, ein Stillleben ist einfach aufgeklebt. Das farblich kräftige Bubinga-Holz rahmt die Malerei stilvoll ein, beides zusammen wirkt fröhlich und frühlingshaft
  7. Guzheng History; FAQ; Shop; Contact ; 中文; Guzheng History. Home. Guzheng History. Guzheng is also known as Qin zheng because it originated from the Qin state (located in today's Shaanxi province) during the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period (771 - 221 BC). It is also commonly known as zheng. After guzheng was introduced to Korea, Japan and Vietnam, it was then known as.

Tianyi professional grade guzheng available now! We ship worldwide. 全國古箏馳名品牌,揚州天藝牌古箏,郵遞全世界,美國境內免費配送 Dunhuang Guzheng 694L, Chinese 21-string Zither. Product Code: E1161 Reward Points: 0 Availability: In Stock. Price: $759.00 . Available Options * Model: A1 A2 Qty: Add to Cart - OR - - OR - Add to Wish List Add to Compare 0. Get the best deals on Guzheng String Instrument Accessories. Shop with Afterpay on eligible items. Free delivery and returns on eBay Plus items for Plus members. Shop today Wavesfactory Guzheng [Kontakt] The Guzheng is a Chinese plucked zither, ancestor of several Asian instruments such as the Japanese koto, the Mongolian Yatga and the Korean gayageum. It has 21 strings and movable bridges. See pics of the instrument here. 5 articulations: fingers, pick, stick, bow and ebow. Up to 4 round robin and 4 velocity layers

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  1. Professional 26-string Chinese guzheng. Without stand but with a hardcase. Very beautiful one paid over $2000 for it in San Francisco. I'm a classical guitarist/composer and composed a orchestral piece for it (unfinished). I got pretty good on it and when I just needed to run arpeggios and got tired of the guitar, I played the guzheng
  2. Best Service made sure to outfit Gu Zheng with all of the standard articulations found in traditional guzheng music, complete with up to five separate velocity layers and three different tempos for up and down bends. And since it was recorded using a custom-made instrument at the China Conservatory of Music, you can rest assured that Gu Zheng consists of only the best possible sounds for your.
  3. Get the best deals on Guzhengs. Shop with Afterpay on eligible items. Free delivery and returns on eBay Plus items for Plus members. Shop today
  4. Guzheng is the 5th instalment in the acclaimed Plectra Series, which explores plucked stringed instruments from around the world. Also known as the Chinese zither, the Guzheng is an ancient instrument comprised of 21 strings stretched over a long, decorative wooden body with movable bridges for tuning. Impact Soundworks collaborated with.
  5. SINGAPORE PIANO SHOP Tel: (65) 6354 1350 Email: sales@pianoshop.sg Website: www.pianoshop.sg, Address: 24 Sin Ming Lane #05-97, Midview City, S'57397
Chinese music instruments! Guzheng Erhu Pipa ZhongruanProfessional 10 Hole Chinese Xun Pottery Flute, XUN-BT-2Chinese Jinghu(Beijing Opera Fiddle), with Case, forGallery - Puppets - Mascots and Puppets SpecialistsDragon Nest - The world's fastest action MMORPGRosewood Yueqin lute, Moon Guitar - Red Music Shop

A Guzheng made of Black Rosewood, adorned with colourful print of moonlight shining over flowers, giving the Guzheng an extremely unique look. The Guzheng has a rich and clear tone, suitable for Guzheng players of various levels, especially intermediate players. Check it out now Nghe album The Guzheng Is Red - Guzheng - Nhạc cụ hòa tấu không lời Đàn Guzheng của nghệ sĩ Instrumental. Tải những bản nhạc Đàn Guzheng độc tấu tuyển chọn hay nhất Concert Rosewood 21# One-Piece 3/4 Guzheng 'Sakura' by Chuan Cheng. Regular price $2,200.00 SGD. Exquisite Aizu Paulownia with Violet Sandalwood 21# One-Piece Guzheng by Chuan Cheng. Regular price $8,000.00 SGD. Professional Black Sandalwood Zhonghu by Yin Song Lan. Regular price $720.00 SGD. sign up for newsletter. Facebook; Instagram; YouTube; Contact Us. 114 Lavender Street, CT HUB 2, #02. Guzheng. The 2,000-year-old Guzheng is commonly referred to by the Chinese as a Zheng. A number of the first variants were made of bamboo frames and silk strings. The Guzheng has undergone significant revisions throughout those years, and some were due to the cultural interactions among the other Asian nations. The best example is the number of the instruments' strings, which gradually. Guzheng strings are of various thickness and tension, range a little over 4 octaves, and are made of metal. Koto strings are approximately the same thickness and tension, range a little over 2 octaves, and were traditionally made of silk, but today plastic. When it comes to sound, the Guzheng has a more deep resonance and longer extending note decay. Compared to the koto which has less.